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“True readiness isn’t just about timing; it’s the moment you see yourself in the action, fully aligned with purpose and passion.”

True readiness doesn’t depend only on external factors, such as the right timing or circumstances. Instead, it relies on a personal realization and alignment within oneself. When you feel connected to your purpose and driven by your passion, that’s when true readiness emerges.

Perfect timing isn’t a fixed point, but a convergence of your aspirations and your proactive steps. When you envision yourself actively involved in the pursuit of your dreams, that’s the signal to take decisive steps forward.

As individuals, we need to pay attention to our inner alignment and have active involvement in our aspirations. When the ideal moment to turn our dreams into reality arrives, we should feel the passion, see ourselves engaged in the necessary actions, and align our endeavors with our purpose.

It’s about recognizing that readiness isn’t solely dependent on external factors, but rather an internal clarity and commitment that signals the opportune moment to bring our aspirations to fruition.

-Eagle Selasi Write ✍🏾

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