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“Ghanaian Creative, Kobi Rana, Opens Up: ‘I’ve Never Dated a Woman Before'”

Ghanaian multidisciplinary creative, Kobi Rana, recently made a surprising revelation, stating that he has never dated a woman before. This disclosure has captivated the public’s attention, prompting speculation and curiosity about his personal life. As an influential figure in the creative arts scene, Rana’s candid admission adds a unique dimension to his public image, leaving fans eager to understand more about this aspect of his life and its potential impact on his artistic endeavors.
He spoke on Accra 100.5fm. The host Nana Romeo after noting that Kobi the musician, dancer and movie director wearing a pink outfit which is conventionally an outfit for girls and women. He asked why?
With his hand holding the corner of his shirt he said “I can write any color of shirt from Monday to Friday and those no one’s consent.
Follow a quick questions the host asked if he had a girlfriend and if he has ever dated?

Kobi Rana answered “No, I don’t”. He also added that there is no need to make his relationship or make his girlfriend known to the public. That aspect of his life is private should remain as such.
Currently Kobi Rana is a media tour for his girl’s talk movie slated to premiere this Valentine’s Day.

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