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“Schwarzenegger Reflects on Moesha’s Stroke and GoFundMe Controversy: A Lesson Against Ingratitude”

Renowned personality Schwarzenegger recently shared reflections on Moesha’s health challenges and the ensuing GoFundMe controversy, emphasizing the importance of gratitude. In Schwarzenegger’s perspective, the situation serves as a poignant lesson, encouraging appreciation for the blessings in life and discouraging ingratitude. Earlier Afia mentioned she had at some point single-handedly shown love to Moesha when she suffered some form of mental illness but in return, no appreciation was returned rather socialite treated her with disdain after investing her resources in supporting her recovery. 

Recurrent development on social media about raising funds to support Moesha has kept her mute and she is just waiting for someone who will want to talk ill about her not support her. 

Afia added that in life when you pay good with evil you suffer the consequences. She has paid fees for people she doesn’t even know and given help to people who call and ask which even most of them are on TikTok

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