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“Afua Asantewaa’s Husband Firm: ‘My Wife Won’t Depart; No Fear of Her Entanglement with Other Men'”

Mr. Kofi Aduonum, the husband of Afua Asantewaa, who holds the record for sing-a-thon in the Guinness World Record, has addressed rumors about their marriage. The couple got married in 2017 and has three children. However, their union has been under scrutiny lately due to rumors of potential discord.

Mr. Aduonum has refuted these claims by stating that he is not scared of his wife leaving him for bigger men. He is confident in their relationship and their bond. He believes in their commitment to each other and their family. The couple is known for their public presence and achievements, and they have always been admired for their dedication to each other and their family.

Mr. Aduonum’s declaration highlights the foundation of their relationship, which is built on trust and mutual respect. They aim to put an end to unfounded rumors and reaffirm their dedication to each other. Despite the challenges that come with marriage, the Aduonum family remains a beacon of resilience and unity in the face of adversity.

It should be noted that Mr. Aduonum did mention that his wife has always been meeting bigger men and did not become big or gain recognition only after the sing-a-thon Guinness World Record. This statement was made during an interview with Dek 360 TV.

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