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Human Rights Activist Reveals: When I Met My Husband, He Had 87 Girlfriends, Including One Who Identified as a ‘Maame Water.’

Nigerian human rights activist Adetoun Onajobi recently shared in an interview on the WithChude podcast that when she met her husband, he had 87 girlfriends. She revealed that some of these women went to extreme lengths to try to break up her marriage. One of the girlfriends was even described as a “pure mermaid” who would often appear to her husband.

Adetoun explained that she had to engage in both physical and spiritual battles to put an end to her husband’s promiscuous behavior and save her marriage. She said, “My husband had 87 girlfriends that he was sleeping with. The girls he was sleeping with, Baba Ashabi would tell me…Let me even shock you, he would tell me that he is looking for a job for them. I said, ‘You who have no job, where is your recruitment center? Where are you looking for a job for them? You have left Lagos, you are the one looking for a job for them. Baba Ashabi!”

She also revealed that some of the women who came forward with stories about her husband were seeking revenge, claiming that he got them pregnant and refused to take responsibility. However, Adetoun was determined to fight for her marriage and believed that her husband could change. She said, “Because I realized I am on an assignment in his life. He also struggled with it. If you send my husband a text message on his phone, I will receive the same message. If you chat with my husband, I will receive the same message. I took my time to understand what he had gone through.”

Through her perseverance and faith, Adetoun was able to overcome the challenges in her marriage and save it from falling apart due to her husband’s infidelity.

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