“KiDi releases swim wear brand for women today.”

Musician KiDi has launched his new single ‘Danger’ and has also unveiled his new swimwear brand for women. In an interview with Joy Prime’s IB, the ‘Liquor’ singer revealed that the swimwear brand is not for sale to the public, but only to some of his fans. He explained that the brand is an expansion of his different facets as an artist, which include fashion, lifestyle, and music.

KiDi also shared the reason behind why he created the swimwear brand for women. He expressed his love and appreciation for women, stating that they bring so much value to our lives and are the strongest people. He specifically mentioned that all the people who raised us are women; thus, he loves women.

The release date for ‘Danger’ is Thursday, February 29, 2024. This addition of the women’s wear brand to KiDi’s image solidifies his position as one of the most influential artists in Ghana’s music industry. Since his debut in 2017, KiDi has made a massive impact with his music, touring the world, and winning topmost awards, among others.

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