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“I’m still alive and undergoing a rebranding process,” states Article Wan, the Afro-dancehall musician.

Article Wan, the vibrant Afro-dancehall musician, recently put to rest any speculations surrounding his well-being. He declared, “I’m still alive and undergoing a rebranding process.” This statement reassures his fans and unveils an exciting chapter in the artist’s journey.

By saying that he is “still alive,” Article Wan dispels any false narratives or rumors about his absence from the music scene. He is very much present and active.

Speaking on JoyPrime’s On A More Serious Note, he revealed that he took a break from music to re-establish himself to align with the industry’s current growth.

“At a point in my life, I decided to sit back and rebrand Article Wan because there is a lot of money in music. I travel, I hear and see different stuff. It’s a matter of time.”

“I am not dead yet and I won’t die now. I just have to sit back, work properly and put more effort into my craft, my creativity and come back again,” he said.

Article Wan is currently promoting his new song titled ‘YeYe’.

The mention of a “rebranding process” implies that he is deliberately and strategically redefining his artistic identity. This could involve a shift in his musical style or an evolution in his public image. Such transformations are common in the entertainment industry, providing artists with an opportunity to adapt to changing trends, express personal growth, or explore new creative directions.

Article Wan’s public declaration showcases his transparency with his audience, inviting them to join him on this transformative journey. Fans are excited to witness the revitalized Article Wan, eager to experience the manifestation of his rebranding effort in his music, image, and overall artistic expression. As the Afro-dancehall scene continues to evolve, Article Wan’s announcement sparks curiosity and anticipation, promising a new chapter in his musical narrative.

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