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Celestine Donkor Issues Apology for ‘Joke’ About Ewe Surnames


Celestine Donkor Issues Apology for ‘Joke’ About Ewe Surnames

Gospel musician Celestine Donkor has issued an apology following a recent backlash sparked by comments she made during an interview on TV3’s “Today’s Women.” During the interview, the singer and host, Cookie Tee, engaged in a seemingly lighthearted conversation about the perceived heaviness of Ewe names and expressed interest in marrying people with ‘lighter’ names.


The banter by the duo, both Ewes, drew criticism from viewers and social media users, some of whom deemed the comments inappropriate and offensive.


Responding to the backlash in a post on Instagram, Celestine Donkor said the comments were made in jest and in no way to mock Ewes or the culture they revere. However, despite her intentions, the Gospel singer expressed regret in making those comments after some retrospect, stating “it turned out to be a bad joke, to be an expensive joke.”


“Who am I? I’m just human. Most of the time we go on these interviews, as much as we have a pure heart and a clear mind, it’s not everything we say that we’re pleasing to somebody, and so we take it,” she added. Celestine Donkor said that this incident in no war erodes her pride in her culture as an Ewe, who truly believes the language is special and spiritual.

“I have proven it over the years in my journey in music that I am a very, very proud Ewe,” adding that her daughters all carry names from the culture. Despite the controversy, Celestine Donkor expressed gratitude for the feedback received, interpreting it as an expression of love from her audience.

“With love and respect to all of you, I take all the comments in good faith,” she stated.

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