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Liha Breaks Silence: “I Asked Patapaa for Divorce, We Haven’t Spoken in 2 Years”


Liha Breaks Silence: “I Asked Patapaa for Divorce, We Haven’t Spoken in 2 Years”

Lihat Miller, the estranged wife of Ghanaian musician Patapaa, recently revealed that her marriage to the artist deteriorated shortly after their wedding. Lihat disclosed that due to irreconcilable differences, she made the difficult decision to leave the marriage and seek a divorce from Patapaa. She explained that she hasn’t been in communication with her husband for over two years and is currently working with his parents to finalize the divorce proceedings.

Lihat mentioned this during her visit to her new friend and actor, Atemuda, saying, “No, he’s not my husband anymore. We’ve been separated for a long time now. It’s not something I usually discuss publicly, as it’s a private matter. There’s been some misunderstanding. To clarify, Patapaa and I got married in 2021, but unfortunately, things didn’t work out. We’re in the process of getting divorced. We haven’t been in touch for years. After the wedding, we went our separate ways not too long after that. I initiated the divorce process, but he didn’t take it seriously.”

Recently, a man released a bedroom video featuring Patapaa’s wife, boldly claiming her as his own. The footage caused a stir on social media, with viewers shocked and intrigued by the post. The video shared on Instagram showed intimate moments between the man and Lihat Miller, known as Patapaa’s wife. Patapaa married Lihat in January 2021 at a ceremony held in his hometown of Agona Swedru in the Central Region.


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