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What is paid traffic, budget, salary and more [Complete guide]

Digital Marketing

What is paid traffic, budget, salary and more [Complete guide]

Digital strategies have become a priority for companies in recent years, considering the growing presence of online users. As a result, social networks and other media have become central to marketing and among the most common solutions in this regard is paid traffic .

If online presence is mandatory for companies today, that alone is not enough to stand out and gain visibility. Therefore, the main digital platforms have solutions that allow you to expand the delivery of advertisements according to companies’ strategies.

In what ways does paid traffic operate?

Paid traffic is a digital marketing strategy that consists of buying ads on the main platforms, including Google, Facebook and Instagram, allowing these sites to deliver company materials to as many people as possible.

In practice, we see this all the time when we are on the internet: we do a casual search on Google and soon related ads appear on news sites and other portals.

We like the content of a certain product, and soon similar companies start to appear in the feed. This happens because companies have invested to conquer this space, while platforms provide data on audience and location.

Paid traffic is one of the most efficient strategies to stand out in digital today. It works for new companies that want to become known as multi-brands or even for specific actions, such as the launch of a new product.

Its functioning, however, depends on the companies’ planning and strategy. Let’s say a new cosmetics brand is starting and wants to increase its visibility with the potential audience.

The marketing team, after market research, where they evaluate competitors, target audience and define their branding , will choose which channels make the most sense and create an advertising plan.

In the case of cosmetics, if the brand focuses on Generation Y, for example, Instagram may be the appropriate network. Thus, video or photo pieces are developed and the audiences and keywords related to what is intended to be advertised are defined.

How to set up a paid traffic budget?

In general, there are two ways to pay for online ads, Cost Per Click (CPC) or Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM). The first aims to make people click on the content, being directed to a specific page.

In the second, what matters are the impressions, that is, how many people viewed the ad.

Again, to define the budget, the company needs to carry out a prior study and define its objectives very well. If you want to tell people to go to the website where a new product is being launched, the ideal is to base it on CPC.

The values, however, vary according to each network. On Instagram, for example, CPC costs between R$0.95 and R$9.40, while CPM can reach R$31.60. Therefore, setting a budget also requires knowledge of these platforms and research to assess the cost according to the company’s objectives.

Ads must also be constantly monitored so that the strategy can be adjusted if the results are not as expected.

What to study to work with paid traffic?

That’s why, to be an expert in this type of strategy, you need to acquire knowledge and constantly update yourself, as the values ​​and parameters used by platforms change quickly.

In general, professionals who work in this segment started their careers in marketing, or in areas focused on social networks and technology. But any professional interested in developing in this segment can improve through specializations and learn in detail the requirements and technical skills of this field.

How to start working as a traffic manager?

An important soft skill for those who work in the corporate world is curiosity, and for those who want to work with paid media, this is a characteristic that can help pave the way. This is because the segment involves a lot of research and testing and any professional interested in learning more about the subject can explore it.

Furthermore, companies where there are no defined strategies for social media, proposing and developing actions of this type can make the professional stand out. The most appropriate way to start in this sector is through digital marketing.

What is the salary of a traffic manager?

The employment market is undergoing significant changes as a result of the widespread advancements in artificial intelligence, and certain occupations may alter or become outdated.

This is not the case for those who work with paid media, precisely because this activity is related to increasingly complex and intelligent digital processes due to the use of data.

As such, it’s a fantastic choice for anybody looking to reinvent themselves or change careers. The beginning salary for entry-level professionals in this area is R$2,500.00. However, salaries can vary.

Professionals with more experience often make between R$4,000 and R$5,000. However, the value could change based on the company’s size and level of experience. Working in this field also gives you the freedom to operate independently and charge for the services you provide to each client.

For those who want to have more flexibility in their schedules and are not looking for a CLT contract, it is an opportunity to work in different segments and become a specialist in paid traffic.

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