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Quamina MP and Kofi Mole’s EP ‘Toopeezy’ Sets New Standards in Ghanaian Hip-Hop


Quamina MP and Kofi Mole’s EP ‘Toopeezy’ Sets New Standards in Ghanaian Hip-Hop

Quamina MP and Kofi Mole have collaborated to release a groundbreaking EP called “Toopeezy.” This six-track masterpiece showcases the individual talents of the two artists and pushes the boundaries of Ghanaian Hip-Hop music.

The EP begins with the lead single, ‘Woto Wei,’ a high-energy track that sets the tone for the rest of the EP. Listeners will experience a diverse range of sounds and styles, from the introspective lyrics of ‘Fed Up’ to the infectious energy of ‘Lit’ featuring Kweku Smoke.

Stream or download “Toopeezy” across all major digital platforms here: https://tieme-

The seamless collaboration between Quamina MP and Kofi Mole is one of the most impressive aspects of “Toopeezy.” Their chemistry is undeniable, shining through in every track. Whether trading verses or harmonizing on the chorus, these two artists complement each other perfectly, creating a musical synergy that is truly unmatched.

The title of the EP, “Toopeezy,” reflects the duo’s confidence and determination to succeed in the music industry. It’s a declaration that they will not be held back by obstacles or challenges but will instead continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in Ghanaian Hip-Hop. With “Toopeezy,” Quamina MP and Kofi Mole have not only delivered an incredible musical experience but have also redefined what it means to be a Hip-Hop artist in Ghana.

This EP is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates great music and the endless possibilities of collaboration.

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