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Clemento Suarez: I Wish Ghanaian Entertainers Would Quit Smoking


Clemento Suarez: I Wish Ghanaian Entertainers Would Quit Smoking

Comedian and actor Clemento Suarez expressed his strong desire to see Ghanaian talents quit smoking to save themselves. In a Facebook post earlier today, Clemento Suarez wrote, “I wish above all things that the Ghanaian talent stopped smoking.”

Although he didn’t disclose the reason for making the post, it drew many comments with his followers endorsing his wish and starting another conversation on how drug abuse is destroying many creative talents. For years, Ghana’s entertainment industry has been plagued by a growing concern of drug abuse among celebrities.

The glamorous and lucrative world of showbiz often hides a sinister reality, where the pressures of fame, wealth, and social media scrutiny drive some stars to seek escape from substance abuse.

This phenomenon is not unique to Ghana or Africa, as several high-profile personalities in the Western world, such as Whitney Houston, have made headlines on drug abuse, shocking fans and sparking conversations about the need for support and intervention.

His post may have come at a very good time, as the topic of drug abuse in showbiz has been reignited in the last few days following a viral video of musician Kwadee in a not-too-good state after battling mental health conditions due to drug abuse for many years.

Kwadee’s case is not isolated from the many conditions of Ghanaian creatives, such as Kiki Gyan, Red Eye of 2Toff fame, and Jay Dee, among others, whose promising futures were crumpled due to drugs.

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